I emailed the last few documents tonight, finally! Yay!

So here’s a rundown on the documents that had to be done:

  • our chronologies ((almost) every address we’ve lived at since birth, and every school we attended, and (almost) every job we’ve had).
  • cat ownership questionnaire
  • medicals (exams at our doctors)
  • health & safety questionnaire
  • feedback form on the packet from our VA
  • feedback form on the training we did last week with our VA
  • Ecomap — a visualization of our support network
  • family trees (back to grandparents, forward to nieces/nephews)
  • financial statement

I think it took more than 40 hours to get all these documents done. It’s such a relief that we’re finished.

Ok, just realized that the background check is still not done. But it’s on its way, so there’s nothing I can do about it.

Now there’s an online course that our social worker asked us to do. We haven’t started it because we needed to get the documents out of the way, I guess it’s time now!

I’m feeling very calm and relaxed about the whole process now.

Oh, I forgot to say — I have taken a break from playing in a brass band. Rehearsals are twice a week, so it was a huge amount of time. I’m quite relieved that I finally made the decision. I’ll start again in late August, I think, when we start playing the autumn proms music.

I’ll check in again soon.