So we’re finished with Stage 1, but now we have loads more paperwork!

Our social worker came on Monday for a meeting to arrange more meetings. We put 8 meetings on the calendar — the first two are individual meetings with Hubby and me, then the following 6 are for both of us. There are 3 in July, 2 in August, and 1 in September. We also were told to expect a letter from the Agency officially asking us to go to Stage 2. When we receive the letter, we are to send back a form that indicates that we want to go to Stage 2.

She also left us 7 pages of questions that we need to answer. I think we need to have all of these done before our next meetings, which are the 16th (Hubby) and 17th (me) of this month. These questions are about our family when we were growing up, how we feel about education, about previous relationships, jobs we’ve had and out attitudes about work… The list goes on.

I briefly, last week, felt that maybe I was hasty in taking a break from brass band. But this week, I think I need a break from work in order to get this work done! We have a house guest coming tomorrow, for a week, and I think we’ll have to spend a lot of evenings working on adoption paperwork rather than having fun.

That’s all for now. Be warned — I’ll probably complain over the next week about the sheer amount of questions I need to answer. 😉