Last Wednesday I got fingerprinted. It ended up being fairly painless. It was a long drive, granted, but I managed to find a place to park. We won’t talk about the completely dodgy turn I made when the road was a strange configuration… and I realized later that it was right beside the police station!! I don’t think anyone saw me.

I only had to wait a few minutes for the clerk to come for me. We went into an interview room and she unloaded all of her gear out of a small plastic tub. She was very nice, and I was done in about 15 minutes.

Hubby sent off the paperwork by DHL to the service that I’m using for the background check, on Thursday afternoon. I tracked the package all weekend. It seemed to take forever to get there, and it finally arrived this morning (this afternoon my time). They sent me an email stating that they’d received my documents and had already received the results, but they needed a pdf of my application form as it had been turn by tape when customs opened and re-packaged the, un, package.

Download another application form, fill it out, try to scan, set up HP eprinting, finally get the required pdf. Emailed, then got the phone number. Called the number and spoke to a lovely women who had no idea what I was talking about. Looked at the number again and dialed the right one this time, and eveutally got through to the right person to take the payment. Now I have a tracking number to follow the package which is being mailed to a friend. Should arrive Wednesday or Thursday, about the time my friend D gets back from out of town.

Our social worker came today. We are sooo close to being finished with Stage One. She’s optimistic enough about things that she has already scheduled our next meeting which is to agree Stage Two. Yay!

I could say more about documentation, etc., but the TL;DR is that we have a tiny bit more work, probably a couple of hours. I told the social worker that I’d aim to get everything emailed to her on Wednesday.

Stay tuned.