The documentation is just about finished! I’m so relieved.

My family tree has been printed out twice — one for us and for the social worker. I’ve also saved a copy as a pdf (well, really 3 pdf’s as I had to do it in 3 pages) in case she needs it as a sott copy to put into the PAR.

Hubby’s family tree still needs a bit of work in terms of dates and names, but the document is laid up so it’s just a matter of putting in that info.

My application to get my fingerprints processed by the FBI is filled out and I have copied the appropriate forms of ID. I have printed out several copies of FD-258 (FBI finterprint form) in case the police station doesn’t have the form that is (evidently) required by the FBI. Nothing more I can do on this until I get in contact with the police on Tuesday to see if I can have the fingerprints done. I do have an appointment at one county main police station but that’s not til the 2nd of June, and I hope that this other county will be able to give me an earlier appointment.

Oh, yeah, the Ecomap is mostly done as well. We need the ages of a couple of children but otherwise it’s done. An Ecomap is just a graphical representation of our relationships and support network. Our s/w asked us to write a paragraph on each of the people/families on our Ecomap, so this took quite a bit of time.

That leaves the finance form. But you know what? I’m just tired of this after working on it for about 5 hours today, 3ish yesterday, and 3 Friday night after a full day of work. So that’s it for me today. I’ll work on the finance form tomorrow.

The social worker rescheduled our next meeting from the 3rd of June to the 1st of June. Although that’s two days earlier, we’ll still have everything done other than my FBI check. I won’t know until then what the effect will be of my FBI check not being back by the 5th of June, when this stage of our adoption process is supposed to be finished. If you want a brief overview of the process that we’re in, look here:

Our next meeting with our social worker will, in addition to lots of talking as usual, include her inspecting our house. Hubby has suggested that on Saturday we start upstairs and go room to room to make sure everything is tidy and there won’t be any surprises. I’m glad it was his suggestion, as I won’t have to nag!