Today I was back to work after the bank holiday Monday.

Yesterday I didn’t do much work toward our adoption paperwork. Hubby and I went to visit a distant cousin of his to find out some information about Hubby’s grandparents. This woman, who’s about 10 years older than us, is the granddaughter of Hubby’s grandmother’s brother. We think. Hubby didn’t know the surname of his grandmother, who died when he was about 10, so the visit to the distant cousin was useful. She also suggested that we visit the church in the small village nearby where Hubby’s mother’s family used to live, so we went out there to look at the births, marriages, and deaths records.

The church was unlocked, as is common with village churches. Hubby’s cousin had tols us where to find the records, so we went right to them. I didn’t take a look around the church — we’ll have to do that some time. Anyway, the records were photocopies in plastic-comb books. I’m really glad they were there, but about half the pages were unreadable because whoever copied them didn’t check to see if they were legible! We didn’t actually find any useful information there.

The rest of the day we ran a couple of errands then Hubby worked on his bicycle while I became a couch potato. It was lovely.

Work was ok today. I had a meeting early in the day and as it turns out I had spent a few minutes thinking about it, so had a good solution to the problem to present. The solution works with current processes so was well received. It means more work for my team, but oh, well, at least we won’t run out of work…

It was a struggle to get motivated to go to band tonight. In fact, I really didn’t want to go, but I think only because it’s been several weeks since I’ve been there. I phoned Hubby (who is home on holiday this week, btw) and he wasn’t at all sympathetic, telling me that I should just go to band because he was playing on the PlayStation tonight! He did have lots of errands to do today so I’ll let him off. 😉 I did go to band, at least until the break, and enjoyed it tremendously. We have a concert on Saturday but since the schedule I have indicated it was Sunday, I’ve already committed to going to Wales for the day. I’m not really needed for the concert, anyway, so I don’t feel any need to skip the Wales trip.

I feel so much better than I did early last week.