I calculated this morning (Friday) that since Sunday, I’ve devoted at least 16 hours to adoption paperwork. That’s in addition to working full time, by the way, although I have worked from home until today.

And we’re still not done.

Here’s the updated list of DONE items that have been dropped off at the agency:

  • our chronologies ((almost) every address we’ve lived at since birth, and every school we attended, and (almost) every job we’ve had).
  • cat ownership questionnaire
  • medicals (exams at our doctors)
  • health & safety questionnaire
  • feedback form on the packet from our VA
  • feedback form on the traning we did last week with our VA

These are still to be done

  • ecomap — a visualization of our support network (I’ve done a first draft)
  • family trees (back to grandparents, forward to nieces/nephews)
  • financial statement (this is almost done)

I’ve started my family tree (well, I have most of the info for it) but I don’t think Hubby has done any work on his. He is meeting with his sister tomorrow to get some information. And there’s the fact that he has a small famiy and I have a very big family, so his won’t take quite so long.

I need to phone the police station in the nearest City in order to get my fingerprints done, as I need to have a background check. I’m in the office today, so it’s a bit awkward. Maybe I’ll take a walk this afternoon? Or possibly just go stand outside where no-one can hear me while I make the call. I’d like to get that scheduled soon.

Hubby picked up a letter from the agency yesterday that requests the police take my fingerprints. Oh, and it’ll cost me £67! That about $100. Then there’s the cost of the check itself from the FBI at $45 (includes using a fast service).

When Hubby was at the agency he also picked up a paper with a note from our social worker suggesting that we do some online adoption training. Yes, of course we will do so, but sheesh this feels like a lot of stuff. We will start that as soon as we bet our paperwork done.

Oh, yeah, the paperwork is due by the 5th of June, which is two weeks from today. Just got an email from the s/w asking to reschedule our meeting that’s set for the 3rd of June.

On the positive side, it is my plan to do a lot of work on the remaining paperwork this (long) wekend. Hubby is in agreement, as well, as he’d like to get this stage finished.

Trying to think of a different name to use for my beloved husband. Stay tuned. Or give suggestions, if you wish.