Hubby and I had to take time off work to go to an Exchange Day. This one was in the East Midlands, so much closer to us geographically than the Activity Day we went to last Saturday.

An Exchange Day is an opportunity for Local Authorities and Voluntary Agencies to set up stands and for Prospective Adopters (and their family finders or social workers) to go by an talk about possible links.

The venue was a large function room at a football ground. Hubby was working away, so he came from one direction and I came from work — it’s the first day of our financial year at work, as it’s 1st December, so it was too hard to take the whole day off. I went into work for a couple of hours before driving to the event. As it turns out, I’m glad I went into the office as there was an announcement that our company’s shares (previously in the hands of the Managing Director) had been sold to a Polish company. Big news which brings lots of job uncertainty…

So after filling Hubby in on the work news, we went into the venue. Unlike the last event, the Activity Day which was very small, this place was bustling. There were several hundred people, and probably 30 stands of LA’s and other organisations related to fostering and adoption.

We met up with s/w’s from our agency — our s/w wasn’t there but there were lots of familiar faces.

Hubby and I walked around the stands and chatted with a few agencies, but there was a distinct lack of children aged 5 and over!

After about an hour we had made the rounds, and decided there was no point in staying. We didn’t find any children that we were interested in. But of course in the back of our minds we know that we have a meeting with C’s s/w and family finder in less than a week!