What a waste of time.

We drove 3 hours to get to an Activity Day today, and there were 9 children all of whom are much younger than our preference.

An Activity Day is a ‘party’ where children who have placement orders go to have fun and snacks and interact with prospective adopters. Of course the social workers of the children are there as well, along with their foster parents.

The day didn’t really line up to my expectations. Descriptions I’d read previously made me believe that there would be lots of children of varying ages. But there weren’t any that were even remotely right for us.

I feel that we salvaged the day a bit by having a couple of conversations with foster parents, as one of my big fears is having to do introductions in someone else’s space. I felt a bit better about that after talking to two foster dads.

Another reason I feel badly is that the places for prospective adopters was limited. Us being there meant that someone else, for whom these could have been the right children, didn’t get an invitation.

The final reason that this day was unproductive for us is that the social worker and family finder of a little boy want to talk to us! We have a meeting arranged for Monday, 7th December. We have a lot of things to get done in our house before that meeting. So after this Activity day we ended up driving back home, switching vehicles, and going to B&Q in another town to buy a (very badly needed) back door for our house!