Yesterday, Wednesday, we had another session with our social worker. We covered our support network, our home, and our community.

It was a shorter than usual meeting, at an hour and a half. We had filled out some of the BAAF worksheets so much of the information that we needed to discuss was fresh on our minds. We also, of course, had don an Ecomap.

An Ecomap identifies the relationships of people in our life. I did ours slightly differently than the example we were given. The example simply had the adopters in the centre with lines to their supporters.

Our Ecomap was more like a target, with Hubby and myself in the centre and concentric circles identifying the closeness of the relationship to us. It seems to identify our relationships in a more realistic way.

We have another 6 or 8 worksheets to fill out. Fortunately, these we only need to do one copy between us, rather than doing them individually.

Our next Stage Two meeting with our social worker is in two weeks, on the 22nd.

Yesterday was 3 months exactly until our panel date!