It’s done. The s/w’s are all gone. There’s nothing more we can do.

I worked in the morning and took the afternoon off. C’s s/w and family finder were scheduled for 2pm, and our s/w arrived at 1pm so we could talk about things in advance.

When our s/w arrived, we went through a few questions that we had for C’s s/w and family finder. Ok, I confess that I was frantically finishing putting Christmas lights onto our tree when our s/w arrived! After talking about C we relaxed and chatted for a little while.

The two social workers arrived and seemed genuinely pleased to see us. They sat down and we offered them drinks and homemade mince pies. Then we got down to business. They talked to us about C and his background, then asked us some questions they had about us. They have read our PAR, of course, so they know a lot about us already.

They then showed us a video of C! It was so exciting seeing him, thinking that he could be our little boy in a few short months.

Finally, they asked to look around the house. They seemed absolutely fine with everything.

After they left, our s/w stayed for a few minutes to talk to us about how we felt. Both Hubby and I were even more positive about C.

Our s/w explained that we could expect to hear from her on Wednesday afternoon as that’s when she would hear from C’s s/w or family finder.

Even though our s/w seems to think this could be a good match, she left a three new CPR’s for us to read! Hubby had to go to work as he’s on nights, and I had a Christmas meal with friends from church. As soon as I got home from the meal I started reading one of the CPR’s and decided even more strongly that C is the right boy for us.