On Thursday we went over to the VA for two different meetings. First was a meeting with our s/w, followed by a training session on music.

We arrived at the agency at the appointed time. It seemed surreal to go back there as approved prospective adopters. The last time we were there was on our panel date on the 8th of October. I felt so relaxed walking into the building!

Our s/w showed us into a meeting room which had, among other furniture, a table with three chairs. We were seated then she brought in cups of tea and biscuits, then disappeared for a moment. She came back with a stack of paper about 6 inches high. These were profiles or CPR’s of children about whom we had heard from our s/w, and a few new ones that she thought we might be interested in.

There were several sibling groups. The first one we looked at, a boy and girl, had a CPR so Hubby and I each took a separate CPR and started reading. It was clear to me, and upon discussion later, to Hubby, that these two children had been through too many moves and too much trauma for us to consider them. The other sibling groups only had profiles, but we expressed interested in one of them. Our s/w made a note to get more information about them.

There were a few profiles of boys that our s/w through might be a good match. There was one boy in particular, C, whose family finder had seen our profile and was quite interested in us. However, we were told that C’s social worker was on holiday so nothing would progress for a while. There were a couple of boys that we had seen on LinkMaker and so we were able to say that we weren’t interested.

We left the meeting feeling encouraged that there is a child/children out there for us, and a few profiles in my handbag.

I’ll write soon about the music session.