I spent the whole of Monday evening working on more edits for the PAR. Hubby, lucky him, is working away so it was up to me.

This document is 57 pages long!!! Ok, ok, there are some pages where there is nothing specific to us, then some pages with only some factual bits of information. But I estimate that there are close to 40 pages full of text.

I spent hours readingĀ the PAR, sending emails to the s/w every 10 pages or so. I’m sure she felt spammed when she got to work today!

Over the weekend Hubby and I wrote our ‘Profile’. It’s a one-page document, with photos, that’s used two ways. First, it’s a very early page in our PAR. Second, it’s the short document that will represent us when we’re doing initial searches for children. We took some pictures over the weekend, including a couple with Hubby’s grown daughter. There was a wonderful one with Hubbby sitting in a chair with daughter and myself kissing his head. It is a lot cuter when it sounds.

Today there were a few more edits. S/W has been told that the PAR is much too long, and she has to cut it down. I guess there’ll be more reading for me!