We had our 3rd Stage Two meeting yesterday afternoon, from about 3:30 to 5:45ish. For the record, I more than made up the lost work time with the extra 2.5 hours I worked today.

We went over questions related to our relationship with the s/w. As I might have mentioned before, there is a BAAF recommended list of questions that should be answered, and we spent quite a bit of time a couple of weeks ago working on them. We had to do a letter to the LA asking if they would allow our VA (the current agency we’re using) to read the documents related to our failed adoption application in 2008.

The next session is next Wednesday, 8th July. We’ll cover the topic of our support network, home, and community (sorry you Oxford comma haters — I like it!). We have a couple of worksheets to prepare for this meeting. The worksheets are entitled “Your support nework” and “Your home/Your local community and leisure interests”. I hope these don’t take as long as the last lot did!

I’m continuing with reading “Attachment, trauma and resilience” — I’ve discovered that reading it when I’m not half asleep means I get more out of the book.

I’m very tired due to my long day and jumping up out of bed at 6am to the sound of the garbage truck and the knowledge that our bin wasn’t out. I’m sure I looked cute in my silk nighty with jeans and pink slippers rushing down the road. As disorganised as that sounds, I feel much less stressed as we continue through Stage two; much more in control. But quite tired so that’s it for now.

Thanks for reading.